5 Liter Lab Planetary Vacuum Mixer

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1. Equipment features:

Scope of application

Mix and disperse various common battery powders and liquids, and finally get a uniformly mixed material.

Viscosity range for adaptable working conditions≤1.2 million cP.

2. The main parameters of the equipment:

Lower barrel parts

* Total design volume: 8L

* Effective volume: 2.7-5L

* Inner diameter of vessel: 240mm

* Inner depth of container: 180mm

* Container material: 304 parts in contact with materials

* Type of temperature regulating jacket: single layer jacket on barrel wall for cooling or heating; single layer jacket on barrel bottom for cooling or heating

* Temperature regulating jacket interface: G3 / 8 ", equipped with quick opening Union, jacket pressure resistance ≤ 0.4MPa

* Temperature regulating jacket circulation system: provided by the customer, it is recommended that the jacket water inlet temperature is ≤ 8℃, and the cooling water flow is > 3.5l/min

* Discharging form: a 1 "downward discharging plunger valve at the bottom of the barrel

* Design ambient temperature: - 10 ~ + 120°C

* Mobile mode: caster mobile

Mixing parts

* Working frequency: 5-50 Hz

* Mixing power: 1.5kw

* Impeller speed: 10-98rpm

* Planetary gearbox speed: 5-50rpm

* Diameter of impeller: 124mm

* Impeller style: variable cross-section spiral twist, 90 ° helix

* Material of agitator: 304

* Linear speed of agitator: 0.06-0.6m/s

* Number of agitators: 2

* Distance between oars: 7 ± 2mm

* Distance between paddle and barrel wall: 2 + 1mm

* Distance between paddle and bucket bottom: 2 + 1mm

Dispersion parts

* Working frequency: 5-50 Hz

* Decentralized power: 2.2kw

* Dispersing speed: 610-6100rpm

* Diameter of dispersion plate: 70mm

* Scatter plate style: zigzag

* Material: 304

* Dispersive linear velocity: 2.2-22m/s

* Number of distributed disks: 1

* Number of distributed axes: 1

Wall scraping parts

* Scraping bracket material: 304

* Scraping wall board material: PTFE

* Wall scraping speed: consistent with planetary box speed

* Removable: detachable design (removed when scraping the wall during high viscosity process)

Base and lifting parts

* Part material: carbon steel for high rigidity structure

* Lifting method: hydraulic lifting

* Lifting guide: high precision linear guide

* Lifting stroke: ≤290mm

Upper bucket parts

* Upper barrel material: 304

* Powder feeding port: DN50 quick installation with sight glass one

* Liquid feeding port: ISO 1/2 "Quick installation one

* Spotlight port: DN50 one

* Vacuum port: G1/2 "inner wire one

* Exhaust port: shared with the vacuum port

* Nitrogen port: G1/2 "inner wire one

* Digital display vacuum meter port: M14×1.5 internal wire metric thread interface one

Control System

* Electrical cabinet: used for placement of low-voltage electrical components such as frequency converter

* Operating panel: used to place buttons, knobs, touch screens, etc

* Power supply: AC 3 × 380V ± 5%, 50 Hz

* Control mode: electronic control

* Power control and speed regulation mode: inverter start and control

* Cooling mode: air cooling

* Operation mode: touch screen operation

* Digital temperature display table: material temperature

* Emergency stop button: one

* Alarm system: over temperature alarm, over temperature alarm shutdown, alarm shutdown

* Speed display: the touch screen displays the speed

* Power indicator: one

Consumable parts


Item name




Sealing rubber ring of upper cover

Fluorine glue



Sealing ring for mirror base

Fluorine glue



Gasket for feeding port

Fluorine glue



High speed mechanical seal




High speed synchronous belt




Scraping panel




Mirror glass

Toughened type


Installation site requirement


Item name

Standard requirements


Workshop height

>2.5m; need a certain height to ensure and consider the need for maintenance.


Door size

Height: > 2.0m; width: > 1.5m; to ensure the machine transportation in and out.


cooling water

To ensure the cooling requirements, it is better to have a forced cooling water supply system; if thermal insulation is required in winter, hot water supply is required.



In view of the cold weather in the north in winter, in order to prevent the hydraulic oil used for lifting from condensation, it is necessary to ensure the indoor temperature > 20 ° C to ensure the smooth lifting of the machine and the normal operation of the lubrication system.


Installation space

Refer to the general layout of the scheme.


Gas source

5-7 kgf / cm 2, 100 L / min; pneumatic pump drive, etc.



No corrosive gas, liquid and explosive gas.

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